It's time to Count Your Carbon

Count Your Carbon is the nation’s first free, full-scope carbon emissions calculator, built for – and in collaboration with – nurseries, schools and colleges. It supports educational settings to calculate, understand, reduce and track your carbon emissions.


What is Count Your Carbon?

Count Your Carbon is a free and easy to use digital tool which allows your school, nursery or college to;

  • Calculate the carbon footprint for your educational setting.
  • Understand the areas of consumption with the greatest carbon burden.
  • Opt for averages where you don’t have access to information.
  • Generate a tailored report on how to reduce carbon emissions in your setting.
  • Compare your carbon footprint over time.

We know that the challenge we face is huge. But with more than 32,000 educational settings in the UK, the possibility for change on a massive scale is possible.

Count Your Carbon Now!

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How does it work?

Count Your Carbon is based on the world’s most widely used greenhouse gas accounting standards: the GHG Protocol, and has been tailored to educational settings.

Count Your Carbon is brought to you by Keep Britain Tidy and Eco-Schools England, with help from Let’s Go Zero. Carbon expertise has been provided by Arete Zero Carbon, and the project is made possible thanks to players of People’s Postcode Lottery and Calisen. Development was informed by months of in-depth research with those working in educational settings (including teachers, catering staff, bursars and caretakers) and within local authorities.

Learn more about our methodology

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*10.3 million tonnes of emissions figure is based on data benchmarks from the Count Your Carbon tool across scopes 1,2 and 3 of the GHG protocol. Our  benchmarks have been built using a combination of  primary and secondary data and as more accurate data becomes available, this figure may be updated.