It's time to Count Your Carbon

Count Your Carbon is the nation’s first free, full-scope carbon emissions calculator, built for – and in collaboration with – nurseries, schools and colleges. It supports educational settings to calculate, understand, reduce and track your carbon emissions.


The benefits

By 2025, schools are expected to have dedicated sustainability leads and a Climate Action Plan. For many schools, this is daunting. Where do you begin?

Count your Carbon gives you a benchmark to build on. It helps you to understand the key areas of your operations that produce carbon emissions, before providing a report packed with carbon-reducing recommendations.  These actions can be dropped directly into your Climate Action Plan. They will make you’re a site greener, cleaner place to learn and likely reduce your costs too.

How it works

Count Your Carbon is clear and easy to use. Once registered, you’ll be asked to answer a series of questions about your operations. Connect with your site, business and canteen manager to access the key information. This data will then be used to produce a breakdown of your indicative carbon footprint across 11 areas. Your report, containing carbon-reducing recommendations, can then be shared with key stakeholders to inspire and guide action.

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The challenge we face

The harsh truth is that climate change is already having visible effects on our planet. The sooner we cut emissions, the smaller the damage will be: every change that we have the power to make is critical. Large scale change will not be achieved in isolation, but by the education sector moving as one.

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